Cement Plants


Bucket Elevators

Cement Chutes and Hoppers

Centrifugal Fans

Clinker Drag Chain

Clinker Breaker Hammers

Conveyor Screws

Conveyor Drag Chain

Dry Cement Pump Screw Flights



Gudgeon Pins

Kiln Feed Screw Bearing & Hanger

Kiln Trunnions

Grinding Roller Presses

Vertical Grinding Mill Components

Grinding Roll Tire

Grinding Roll Table

Feed Inlet Tubes

Grinding Rings

Air Separators / Classifiers

Feed Chutes

Tube Mill Feeder Screws

Tube Mill Feeder Screens

Vertical Mixer Screws


Hardfacing Wires

Hardfacing Electrodes

Repair and Fabrication Wires

Repair and Fabrication Electrodes



Frequently Asked Questions About Hardfacing

Determining How Much Hardfacing is Required

Lbs of Hardfacing needed for different products and application types

Recommended Welding Parameters and Wire Feed Speeds

Our suggested Amps, Volts, and Wire Feed Speeds for specific products.

POSTALLOY® A-Max Wear Plate Installation

A handy guide to installing our A-Max Wear Plates

Uni-Lance - Convert your Acetylene Torch into an Exothermic Cutting Lance


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