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Frequently Asked Questions About Hardfacing

Determining How Much Hardfacing is Required

Lbs of Hardfacing needed for different products and application types

Guidelines For Applying Hardfacing Alloys

From surface preparation to hardfacing patterns, these guidelines show best practice during application.

Recommended Welding Parameters and Wire Feed Speeds

Our suggested Amps, Volts, and Wire Feed Speeds for specific products.

Postalloy® Tubular Hardfacing Electrodes

Postalloy® Tubular Hardfacing Electrodes are more efficient than Conventional Extruded Hardfacing Electrodes - here's why.

Postalloy Tubular Electrodes Video

POSTALLOY® A-Max Wear Plate Installation

A handy guide to installing our A-Max Wear Plates

PS-11W for Stabilizers

Our procedure to apply PS-11W tungsten carbide MIG wire to Stabilizers

Hammer Balancing Technique

Technique for rebuilding hammers

Hardfacing Wood Chipper Knives

Our application guide to get the longest life from hardfaced wood chipper knives

Hardfacing Sugar Cane Rolls Video


Sintered Tungsten Carbide Data Sheet

Mig Tungsten Carbide In The Mining Industry

Logging Hardfacing Trifold

Foundation Drilling Hardfacing Trifold

Construction Hardfacing Trifold

Agriculture Hardfacing Trifold

Tire Shredding Brochure

Railroad Repair Brochure

Hardfacing Tubular Electrodes

Sugar Cane Hardfacing Trifold Brochure

Hardfacing for Mines and Quarries Brochure