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10 Reasons to use Postalloy® Hardface Technologies as your Hardfacing Partner

1. Over 50 Years of history developing weld overlay hardfacing solutions.

Postle Industries was founded in 1969 and has evolved from a local supplier of welding

products to a worldwide leader in manufacturing high-performance metal surface protection solutions for the many industries including mining, agriculture, power generation, recycling, oil & gas exploration, geothermal, paper and pulp, quarries and many others. We have succeeded by remaining dedicated to our customers and continually developing innovative solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of a demanding global market.

2. Complete welding and tribology lab for product innovation and quality control.

The goal of hardfacing is to protect equipment from wear. Postle's welding and metallurgical laboratory is furnished with all of the equipment necessary to evaluate and

develop hardfacing products and procedures, including Flux-Cored Arc Welding Wires, Submerged Arc Welding Wires, Tubular Hardfacing Electrodes, and Tungsten Carbide Embedding Equipment. The laboratory includes metallography, chemical analysis and wear testing equipment. Postle's Research and Development department is responsible for developing and implementing strategies to create new products and technologies for surface protection, as well as maintaining the quality control of our existing products.

3. Experienced metallurgists for quality control and product development.

Our experienced metallurgists are responsible for quality control and product development solutions. Our team of metallurgists assist in testing, quality control, and other essential technical operations. In addition, our technical team works directly with our product management and sales engineers to design hardfacing solutions to satisfy the needs of our customers.

4. Progressive innovations in formulating alloys for the protection of equipment.

Postle has incorporated RCT™ Reactive Core Technology in its multi-alloy products. During welding, components in the core of the tubular wire or electrode require energy to react and melt together to form the hardfacing alloy. Postle’s Welding Products with Reactive Core Technology (RCT™) contain special “Reactors” in the core to assure a controlled reaction between alloys and other elements, improving weldability, as well as the matrix of the finished hardface product, resulting in optimum wear properties.

Benefits of RCT include:

Improves weldability.

Promotes strong arc transfer.

Promotes the distribution of alloy ingredients to effectively control the microstructure.

Promotes carbide formation.

Refines the grain structure to improve toughness.

5. Application training and certification to ensure consistency and performance.

Postle works closely with our customers and their welders to make sure the proper training and welding practices are being utilized.

6. Postle develops specific products for customers applications.

If an existing product can meet or exceed your requirements that is great. However, we won’t stop there. If necessary, we will work with our technical group to formulate a specific product for your application, unique conditions and requirements.

7. Manufacturing capabilities for one source of responsibility for product consistency

Our manufacturing operations use proprietary processes and advanced technologies. We use the latest testing methods available to ensure that products meet or exceed customer expectations of performance, employing testing protocols in a precise and frequent manner to ensure consistently predictable results.

8. Financial 5A1 rating for financial stability

With a track record of fiscally conservative management since 1969, Postle routinely achieves Dun and Bradstreet's highest rating in our classification (5A1). We have no long-term debt and remain focused on a single core competency: Surface protection.

9. Global sourcing, warehouse and distribution network available

Postle has sales and technical resources available all over the globe along with warehousing and distribution networks. The Postalloy products are available on all 7 continents.

10. Postle Industries is an employee built and owned company. (ESOP)

We have a people first philosophy. Every employee has a sense of entrepreneurism, an independent spirit, and a drive to be the best which is reflected in the product and support we provide our customers.

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