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Hardfacing is a group of welding related techniques, also called cladding or overlaying. The purpose is to restore the dimensions of worn surfaces of used parts and equipment, and to extend their useful working life by depositing, by welding, a new harder and longer lasting material.

When applied to a new part, the aim is to improve the life expectancy of the original item by applying layers of a longer wearing, more complex alloy.

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Hardfacing is a group of welding related technologies, also known as cladding or overlaying. Hardfacing protects or restores the surfaces of equipment and parts, extending their working life by applying a hard and wear resistant material.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Understanding hardfacing and how it's used.

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Determining How Much Hardfacing is Required

A guide to help you determine how much hardfacing is required

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Recommended Welding Parameters

Our suggested Amps, Volts, and Wire Feed Speeds for specific products.