Postalloy® DuraHard™ 2826NC-MCG

Postalloy® DuraHard™ 2826NC-MCG is a non-cracking martensitic tool steel type hardfacing alloy with numerous tightly packed carbides for excellent abrasion resistance under high impact. Deposits are smooth and free of any slag. One layer deposits exhibit wear characteristics that you would expect from chromium carbide hardfacing products. An excellent choice for applications requiring crack-free deposits with good wear characteristics. Use on carbon and low alloy steels.


Product Type

  • Wire
  • Metal-cored
  • Gas-shielded


  • Scraper blades
  • Road ripper teeth
  • Bucket teeth
  • Tillage tools
  • Auger flights
  • Mixer blades
  • Fan blades
  • Shredder & Fibrizer Hammers
  • Sugar cane turn plates (trash plates)
  • Cane rake

Weld Deposit Properties

Maximum Overlay:
Unlimited layers with proper procedures, including preheat and interpass temperatures
Must be ground
Cannot be flame cut
57Rc - 61Rc

Welding Parameters

Current Type: DC Electrode Positive

Volts Amps Diameter Stick Out
24-28 125-170 .045" (1.2mm) 3/4"-11/4"(19-32mm)
26-32 160-300 1/16" (1.6mm) 3/4"-1¼"(19-32mm)

Welding Procedure:

Shielding Gas - 98% Argon/2% Oxygen or high Argon content. To avoid cracks preheat according to base metal chemistry carbon content. A minimum preheat temperature of 350-450 °F (177-232 °C) with maximum interpass temperature of 700 °F (371 °C). Slow cool to room temperature. DCEN can be used for some applications to reduce dilution. DCEN will produce more spatter. With DCEN, 95/5 Argon-CO2 is recommended.

Packaging Options

Diameter Standard Packaging
.045" (1.2mm) 25 lb (11.30kg) spool, 50 lb 22.70kg) spool
1/16" (1.6mm) 25 lb (11.30kg) spool, 50 lb 22.70kg) spool