Fronius Welding Equipment

Fronius Welding Equipment

Hardface Technologies is an Authorized Partner Plus of Fronius

For the last 50 years Hardface Technologies by Postle Industries has been dedicated to the advancement of hardfacing technology and applications. We are constantly searching for new technology to improve the hardfacing process. As an Authorized Partner of Fronius products we continue our tradition of excellence in providing Fronius Welding Equipment.

The versatility of Fronius welding equipment provides a major advantage to their customers. Advanced process controls, unmatched technology and ease of use allows the user to control the ARC better than any other equipment on the market. Bottom line… Nobody does it better than Fronius! For more information on how Hardface Technologies and Fronius Welding Equipment can help you increase the service life of your equipment please contact us.

Cold Metal Transfer (CMT) – Less heat, faster deposition and lower base metal dilution make this the perfect process for hardface applications. Combine this with our wires specially designed for the CMT process, you will be applying hardface wires on parts you never thought possible!

TPSI, The Intelligent Welding Solution - This line of power sources is much more advanced than your average welder. With capability to run MIG, TIG and Stick and available processes like CV, PMC,LSC, CMT…you will never look at a power source the same way again.

TransSteel Multi Process Welders - Developed in the field with you the customer in mind, Fronius TransSteel is your reliable partner for welding. With its rugged design and ease of use it is perfect for your heavy duty hardface applications.

TransPocket/AccuPocket - Small Lightweight and Portable Welding Equipment. Weld anywhere with these lightweight Stick/TIG power sources. With the TransPocket portable welder's ability to run on 300 foot of extension cord and the 100% Battery powered AccuPocket there is nowhere that is out of your reach!