PS-11W for Stabilizers

PS-11W for Stabilizers

DOWN-HOLE STABILIZERS can exhibit extensive wear depending upon the abrasive nature of the drilling environment. Typically the stabilizer is a 4145 alloy, which requires careful control of preheats, interpass temperatures, and post weld slow cooling procedures to avoid high hardness values in the Heat Affected Zone and protection against hydrogen embrittlement. This procedure applies to new and worn stabilizers, as well as integral and welded blade types.

POSTALLOY® PS-11W is a nickel base hardfacing wire designed to resist severe abrasion in combination with excellent corrosion resistance, friction wear resistance and high temperature resistance up to 1100° F (565° C). Weld deposit contains over 60% Fused Tungsten Carbide in a Nickel-Chromium-Silicon-Boron matrix.

The alloying elements in the wire produce a high strength weld matrix that bonds with the tungsten carbide (WC) particles, eliminating premature wear caused by the release of the hard WC particles upon impact. Furthermore, the nickel matrix alloy eliminates the problem of tungsten carbide dissolution created during the welding process. Resistance to abrasion, especially fine particle abrasion is outstanding.