Auger Points

Ball Mill Scoops

Ball Mill Lips

Bulldozer Blades

Bulldozer End Bits and Plates

Cable Sheaves

Clam Shell Bucket

Clam Shell Lips and teeth

Classifier Flights

Coal Chutes

Coal Recovery Augers

Coal Recovery Core Barrels

Continuous Miner Bearing Carrier

Conveyor Bucket Lips

Cutter Chain Lugs and Straps

Digging Arms

Dragline Bucket

Dragline Chain Feeder Blades

Dragline Chains

Dragline Pins

Dragline Scrapers

Duck Bills



Loader Dragline Plates

Loader Track Pads

Loader Undercarriage Runners

Ore Chute Arc Doors

Ore Chute Baffle Plates

Shaker Conveyor Rails

Shaker Pan Conveyor

Shovel Boom Heels

Shovel Bucket Tooth Adaptor

Shovel Lips and Teeth

Undercutter Bits


Hardfacing Wires

Hardfacing Electrodes

Repair and Fabrication Wires

Repair and Fabrication Electrodes



Frequently Asked Questions About Hardfacing

Determining How Much Hardfacing is Required

Lbs of Hardfacing needed for different products and application types

Recommended Welding Parameters and Wire Feed Speeds

Our suggested Amps, Volts, and Wire Feed Speeds for specific products.

Postalloy® Tubular Hardfacing Electrodes

Postalloy® Tubular Hardfacing Electrodes are more efficient than Conventional Extruded Hardfacing Electrodes - here's why.

POSTALLOY® A-Max Wear Plate Installation

A handy guide to installing our A-Max Wear Plates

Uni-Lance - Convert your Acetylene Torch into an Exothermic Cutting Lance

Tungsten Carbide Embedding Process Video

Guidelines For Applying Hardfacing Alloys

From surface preparation to hardfacing patterns, these guidelines show best practice during application.


Hardfacing for Mines and Quarries Brochure

Hardfacing Tubular Electrodes

Uni lance brochure

Tungsten Carbide Process

Mig Tungsten Carbide In The Mining Industry