November 2021 Newsletter

Guidelines for Applying Hardfacing Alloys – Part 5 of 5 Hardfacing Patterns

Hardfacing Patterns

Selection of the proper hardfacing alloy and preparation of the workpiece are not enough to maximize the service life of a part. The pattern used to make the overlay must also be considered, as it too, will have a bearing on how long the part will last. There are times when putting less hardfacing on a surface is better than covering the entire surface. There are several ways that stringer bead patterns are used depending on the service conditions of the component.

Stringer beads parallel to the direction of travel of coarse rocky material

Stringer Parallel

Stringer beads at right angles in the direction of travel of fine sandy material

Stringer Right Angle

Stringer beads in waffle pattern for mixed conditions or when fine material might easily pack

Stringer Waffle

Dot Pattern for less critical areas

Dot Pattern