Postalloy® CF-27

Postalloy® CF-27 is a high hardness, chromium-free metal-cored hardfacing overlay designed for high abrasion applications with minimal impact. The unique wear properties are derived from a network of Boron, Niobium, Vanadium and Molybdenum Carbides in a hard carbon/iron matrix. Abrasive wear properties are superior to traditional chromium carbide alloys of similar hardness - 60 to 65Rc. This alloy has excellent weldability without exposing the welder to harmful hexavalent chromium fumes with a very smooth bead with no slag to remove. Deposit efficiency over 90%. CF27 may be used with any common shielding gas or open-arc.

Caution - Even though most of the welding fume comes from the electrode/filler wire, some of the fume does come from the base metal being welded. Therefore, the base material should be checked for chromium content.


Product Type

  • Wire
  • Metal-cored
  • Gas-shielded
  • Open-arc


  • Shovel teeth
  • Wear parts
  • Screw conveyors
  • Longwall miners
  • Cutter drums
  • Subsoiler teeth
  • Dozer blades
  • Clamshell buckets

Weld Deposit Properties

Deposits will check-crack to relieve stress
Deposit Thickness:
Maximum 2 layers
- 65Rc

Welding Parameters

Current Type: DC Electrode Positive

Volts Amps Diameter Stick Out
18-22 100-200 .045" (1.1mm) 1/2"(12mm)
20-25 150-200 1/16" (1.6mm) 3/4"(19mm)

Welding Procedure:

Packaging Options

Diameter Standard Packaging
.045" (1.1mm) 25 lb (11.30kg) spool
1/16" (1.6mm) 25 lb (11.30kg) spool