Postalloy® BT Chromalloy

BT Chromalloy is a chromium carbide bare tubular rod for oxy-acetylene applications. It is an ideal solution for extreme metal to earth applications. It offers excellent abrasion resistance with mild or moderate impact. It is well suited for applications requiring thin deposits. Excellent for application to tillage tools. It can be applied to carbon, low alloy and manganese steels. Can be used in hot wear applications up to 900 °F (482 °C) .


Product Type

  • Electrode
  • Oxy-fuel


  • Sand chutes
  • Subsoiler blades
  • Cultivator dies
  • Conveyor & classifier flights
  • Plowshares
  • Sweeps
  • Tillage Tools

Weld Deposit Properties

Deposit Thickness:
1 layer
Heat Resistance:
Hot wear applications up to 900 °F (482 °C)
57Rc - 62Rc

Welding Parameters

Current Type:

Oxyacetylene Flame
3/16" (4.8mm) 3x Flame
1/4" (6.0mm) 3x Flame

Welding Procedure:

Packaging Options

Diameter Standard Packaging
3/16" (4.8mm) Resealble Plastic box
1/4" (6.0mm) Cardboard tube