Postalloy® 2821-MCO Sugar Mill Roll Arcing Roughening Wire

Postalloy® 2821-MCO is a chromium carbide hardface alloy that produces a "Spatter Weld" (Chapisco), from small to large to enhance the gripping action. This versatility can meet the needs of all desired sugar mill roll rough surface requirements for pulling the cane during processing. It is easily applied during production or in shop roll maintenance. An ideal alloy for applications involving high abrasion and moderate impact.


Product Type

  • Wire
  • Metal-cored
  • Open-arc


  • Sugar Mill Rolls (Chapisco)

Weld Deposit Properties

Deposit Thickness:
2 layers
- 45Rc

Welding Parameters

Current Type: DC Electrode Positive

Volts Amps Diameter Stick Out
22-28 175-300 1/16" (1.6mm) 1"-1¼"(25-32mm)
23-26 250-350 3/32" (2.4mm) 1"-1½"(25-38mm)

Welding Procedure:

When welding out of position, use the lower range of amperages and voltages. In addition, a gas cover may be useful, especially when using a constant current power source and voltage sensing feeder.

Packaging Options

Diameter Standard Packaging Standard Packaging Available
1/16" (1.6mm) 25 lb (11.30kgs) spool 110 lb (49.90kgs) drum, 220 lb (99.80kgs) drum
3/32" (2.4mm) 55 lb (25kgs) coil