Postalloy® 205 Flux-coated Electrode

Ideal for use on manganese steel. Under severe impact, such as hammering or pounding, deposits quickly become tougher and harder, and will not spall or mushroom. Postalloy® 205 may be used alone, as a combination build-up and hardfacing alloy, or used as a build-up and cushion prior to overlaying with a more abrasion resistant alloy, such as 214 or 218HD.

Postalloy® 205 is an all-position electrode for joining or overlaying for high impact. It operates on either AC or DC Electrode Positive; the arc is smooth and stable with low spatter loss. Slag removal is easy.


Product Type

  • Flux-coated Electrode


  • Coal crushing segments
  • Shovel drive sprockets
  • Dipper teeth and lips
  • Gear teeth and attaching wear plates
  • Crusher pads

Weld Deposit Properties

Tensile Strength: 125,000 psi
Yield Strength: 80,000 psi
Elongation: 34%
Hardness as deposited: 15-22Rc
Work hardens in service to: 45-55Rc
Deposit Thickness: As required
Machinability: Poor
Can be flame-cut
Deposit Thickness:
As required
Poor Machinability

Welding Parameters

Current Type: DC Electrode Positive , AC

Amps Diameter
90-130 1/8" (3.2mm)
120-150 5/32" (4mm)
140-175 3/16" (4.8mm)

Welding Procedure:

Do not preheat manganese steels. Maintain a short to medium arc. Direct the arc on deposited weld metal depositing 3 to 4" at a time (76.2-101.6mm). Interpass temperatures on manganese steel should not exceed 500 °F (260 °C) by skip-welding. Skip welding is advisable on large parts. Peening while hot helps reduce stress. Cool slowly.

Packaging Options

Diameter Standard Packaging
1/8" (3.2mm) Resealable Plastic Box
5/32" (4mm) Resealable Plastic Box
3/16" (4.8mm) Resealable Plastic Box