• Brush Cutter Teeth • Clearing Rakes & Blades • Colters • Combine Cylinder Teeth and Concaves

• Combine Rotors • Corn Stalk Cutter Blades • Cultivator Sweeps • Disc (Chopping, Grain, Harrow, Plow)

• Drainage Tiling Plows • Ensilage Knives • Fertilizer Injector Knives • Grain Discs

• Hay Chopper Knives • Lister Shares • Noble Blades • Plow Mold Boards • Rasp Bars • Ripper Points

• Root Cutters • Spike Harrow Teeth • Subsoiler Ripper Point • Vertical Tillage Blades


Hardfacing Wires


Frequently Asked Questions About Hardfacing

Determining How Much Hardfacing is Required

Lbs of Hardfacing needed for different products and application types

Recommended Welding Parameters and Wire Feed Speeds

Our suggested Amps, Volts, and Wire Feed Speeds for specific products.


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