Skye Hardbanding Equipment

Skye Hardbanding Equipment

We’ve engineered a world leading range of hardbanding units for the simple and successful application of hardbanding to drill pipe. Skye equipment has proven to be extremely consistent and reliable. The simple automated control means it's very easy to operate and is efficient, saving on labour costs and achieving higher levels of output.

Skye USA

Skye Workshop Unit

The equipment is available as SkyeGo - a fully self-contained mobile unit for application at the rig site or in the customers yard, or Skye - a stationary workshop machine. Both set-ups have the same automated technology, and are available with a plasma system to remove damaged hardbanding. In fact, Skye is the only unit which can safely remove, repair, and reapply a hardband without removing the drill pipe from the machine and in one heat cycle, drastically reducing time and cost.

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