DURAMAX Tungsten Carbide Embedding System

DURAMAX Tungsten Carbide Embedding System

The Postle DURAMAX tungsten carbide feeder is used to deliver tungsten carbide into the molten weld pool while using the GMAW process. Typically 0.045” or 1/16” wire diameters of PS98WC Matrix are used using the GMAW process and 98Ar/2O shielding gas to overlay steel with a wear resistant embedded coating of tungsten carbide.

Postalloy® PS98WC Matrix hardfacing wire, alloyed with chromium

and molybdenum is developed primarily to be used in conjunction

with the MIG Carbide Embedding process. PS98WC Matrix provides

a clean, molten and fluid weld bead that readily accepts tungsten

carbide grit.

Improves the performance of MIG Tungsten Carbide embedded


• Hardness of 55-59Rc protects the tungsten carbide grit which has

a hardness in excess of 75Rc.

• The molten weld results in an even distribution of carbide

particles throughout the entire weld deposit.

Unlike soft metal steel welding wires which are commonly used

with the MIG Carbide Embedding Process, the high hardness tool

steel micro-structure of Postalloy® PS98WC Matrix is designed to

encapsulate and protect the carbide particles from premature

erosion. Use on carbon, low alloy steel and manganese steel.

The tungsten carbide is put into the top of the carbide feeder hopper where it is transported using a vibratory system into a lower hopper. The hopper dispenses the carbide through the blue tube which is attached to the welding gun shroud by means of a bracket and clamp. see figure 2. A Reed switch is shown in Figure 3.The reed switch must be perpendicular to the welding cable for itto detect welding current.There are three 1/4”-20 TPI studs that protrude from the bottom of the feeder. These can also be used to anchor the carbide feeder.


There is a dial for adjusting the power output going to the tungsten carbide feeder. A setting of 1 will have a very low carbide feed rate and a setting of 10 on the dial will have a very high tungsten carbide feed rate. It is likely that setting 1 will be too low and setting 10 will be to high. A setting between 4 and 5 is a good starting point.

Postalloy Hardface Technologies sells tungsten carbide chip in fine, medium and coarse sizes. The most common size for “dropped” tungsten carbide is medium. The tungsten carbide is loaded into the top of the carbide feeder hopper. The tungsten carbide is fed into a lower hopper by means of trough mounted to a vibratory feeder. This trough directs the tungsten carbide into a lower hopper where it exits the feeder through a blue hose. The control box dial setting controls the speed of the tungsten carbide flowing out of the blue hose.

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