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RCT™ Reactive Core Technology
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 Reactive Core Technologies Tungsten Carbides
Tungsten carbides, complex carbides
and borides in a nickel-silicon matrix

During welding, components in the core of the tubular wire or electrode require energy to react and melt together to form the hardfacing alloy. Postle’s Welding Products with Reactive Core Technology (RCT™) contain special “Reactors” in the core to assure a controlled reaction between alloys and other elements, improving weldability, as well as the matrix of the finished hardface product, resulting in optimum wear properties.

Benefits of RCT include:

  • Improves weldability

  • Promotes strong arc transfer

  • Promotes the distribution of alloy ingredients to more effectively control the microstructure

  • Promotes carbide formation

  • Refines the grain structure to improve toughness

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